Sometimes it would be nice if we could have all the submissions from a given form appear in a Google sheet. Well, it's easy! So let's do it.

We're going to use Zapier for this. So visit Zapier ( and create an account or log in to an existing account if you already have one.

Click on the red "Make a zap" button towards the top of the page.

Under the section "Built-in Apps" select "Webhooks" (it doesn't matter what that means, it isn't as intimidating as it sounds). 

Now select "Catch Hook", since we're going to have Formbackend reach out to Zapier every time a new entry is submitted to your form. Click on "Save + Continue".

On the "Pick off a Child Key" enter "entry", which will JUST give you access to the submitted fields for your form. Click "continue".

Copy the webhook url that Zapier gives you (looks something like Now go to your desired form on - this is the form for which you want to send entries to Google Sheets. Go to the "Integrations" tab and paste in the Zapier webhook url you just copied to the "Webhook URL" field and click "Save". Go back to Zapier and click on "OK, I did this".

Zapier now tells you to create a brand new hook, what this means is that you should submit a test submission to verify everything is working. This can be done either from your website where you have the embedded form, or from within Formbackend on the "Setup" tab for your form.

You should now see a "Test successful" message if you return to Zapier (it might take 10-20 seconds for that to appear). Click "Continue".

Zapier now asks you to select an "action app". In our case that would be Google Sheets. But it could also be Trello, Mailchimp or others.

You can now select what to do in Google Sheets. We want it to insert a new row for every new submission, so we select "Create Spreadsheet Row". Click "Save + Continue".

Connect with your Google account if you haven't done so already, and click "Save + Continue".

Now you should see two dropdown menus. One for Spreadsheet and one for Worksheet. Select your desired Spreadsheet and Worksheet in those, it should then list the columns and you can pick what field to tie each sheet column to. Do that by clicking the little icon in the top right corner of your column - in my example (see below) this is for the name field:

(it's the little icon that looks like some lines with a small circle with a + in it)

Click on that and select the "Name" option from your "catch hook" example we did earlier. If there's no name in there, pick whatever field your form submitted. I used the "setup" tab for my form to perform a test submission.

It now looks like this for my name field:

Do the same for your other fields. Click "Continue".

On the next page it'll create a spreadsheet row for you and you can click "Create & Continue" or skip it by clicking "Skip Test & Continue". 

Click continue on the next screen.

Now it's time to name your new Zap.

You're all done! All submissions to your test form will now show up in Google Sheets :)

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